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The Power of Digital Strategy

Why My Clients Have Seen Such Success

With over 25 years of experience in the digital space, I have had the oportunity to be a leader in the digital platform we call the world wide web.  I’ve worked with Fortune 500 companies, building their digital strategies and using this exptertise to help hundreds more.

I’ve also had the privilege of helping companies accurately forecast and implement what were emerging technologies like social media, video and mobile long before they were generally known.  Now my focus is on Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality, Blockchain, AI and the new Web 3.0 known as the Spatial Web.

Knowing how to leverage digital assets is why my clients have had such significant gains.  It’s a skill that requires a holistic view of the web while understanding the unique challeges my clients face in attaining their goals. 

With over two decades experience working with C-suite leaders, I have earned respect as a valuable strategist in harnessing emerging technology, mapping a strategy for it’s use and guiding the thoughts and approaches companies should implement for maximum impact.

I work largely with key decision makers, those whose reputations and careers are dependent on the success of my guidance.  If your ready for an honest and insightful review of where you currently are and where you should be headed, let’s get started today.

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A few of the clients I’ve been privileged to work with

How to use Google Analytics

Watch this presentation I gave on interpreting data from Google Analytics to the Hawaii Chamber of Commerce in Honolulu.  

The data from the digital tools you have is one of the most valuable assets you own.  Knowing how to interpet that data correctly is key.  Most companies have internal data analysts, but as an executive you need to know what to look for and how to ask for it.  I’ll give you some insight in this free training.

Rembrandt Assesment shows mastery level in 12 of the 14 executive leadership skillsets!  A true leader that can lead your digital strategy.

What My Clients Say

“We decided to put a significant percentage of our financial resources into Chris Hamby. It has been one of the best decisions our Sales and Marketing team has made. We have had sales gains where our competitors have had none. I would recommend Chris to any business that expects more than a pretty website, but measurable results from the web..”

Jeff Bearman
CEO @ Ocean Sports

“I have worked with Chris on multiple marketing projects in the past. He not only has a great work ethic but even greater integrity.
I wish Chris were still in the Islands to work with him. I highly recommend Chris.”

Leonora Prince
Sothebys international

“On several occassions, I have invited Chris to assist with my clients for digital strategy.  Dealing directly with top level executives, he has consistently shown authority of knowledge and capability in the digital space.  He thinks outside the box, innovates and will find the path to monetization and success.”

Danny Seay
CEO @ g458 Holdings